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Welcome to the Brooklyn Sports Club's

Aqua Splash Program 2015



  What's Aqua Splash?

Aqua Splash is a shorter swim session (3 weeks-6 classes). NO break-week and NO make- ups. Classes are offered for Aqua Tots, Level 1-3, & the D-team. Classes will meet twice a week - except D-team. 

Start date:  June 1st 

End date:  June 21st

Registration Begins: May 4th

Registration Ends: May 10th 


The Aqua-Tots program is for ages six months to four years, has four classes that are based on age. We ONLY offer classes in the fall, spring, and summer. (A parent or guardian is required to get into the water with the child in all four Tots classes.)

Water Babies: 6-18 months

Aqua Tots: 19 months-3 years

Trident: 3-4 years

Poseidon: 4-5 years

Our Youth program, for ages five through eleven, has seven levels (Click here for Level requirements). Please make the best estimate of your child's abilities before registering. During the first week of classes, the instructors will determine if students need to be moved up or down a level—we do our best to accommodate everyone. Classes consist of 45 minutes of instruction.

Our Developmental Swim team, is designed for those who went through our levels and is now ready to do the real thing. This will train individuals on how a swim team runs, and how practices are taught. There will be two in water practices and one Dry Land workout